A Whole New City is embarrassing the opening of the First Padel Court in Raipur, Chhattisgarh

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It is almost 5 years that Chhattisgarh embarked on an ambitious project to develop itself as the “Sports Hub” of India. In terms of sports infrastructure, like the new cricket stadium that dazzled everyone with its world-class qualities, and a host of other ambitious projects, augmented with the residents of the state showing exceptional enthusiasm towards sports, […]

A Nation of Sporting, Competitive Adults

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“CHILDREN ARE GETTING TOO SEDENTARY. THEY PREFER TV/GADGETS OVER PLAYING” – this is the lamentation of a whole generation of adults bemoaning the state of affairs of the next generation. Be it parents, teachers or anybody else who care for the future of the children, they find it a real challenge to get the children […]

Corporate Padel Tournament

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?Open Tournament? DOUBLES EVENT ONLY A team can have a maximum of one Tennis Coach/Padel Coach/Ranked Tennis Player ?Date: 5th May’18 Venue: PLaY Arena ? ? Registration Fees Rs. 400 per person ? Register your Team Soon! Register Here – +91 6361045467 For Free Orientation, call/whatsapp on +91 9945710765 ?HURRY!?

Nutritional habits for a Padel player

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“Analysis of the main nutritional and healthy habits that must be taken into account in sports practice and especially in the sport of padel.”   NUTRITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR PADEL PLAYERS: According to the World Health Organization, Nutrition is the intake of food in relation to the dietary needs of the body. Good nutrition (a sufficient […]

Benefits of Playing Padel for Children

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Virtually all sports are able to provide the child with multiple resources that will be beneficial for proper development in the early stages. However, the padel can be one of the most enriching sports for children at all levels: motor, social, cognitive. Its characteristics make it a playful activity suitable to reinforce the basic capacities […]