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Four years ago on 25th of March 2017 InPadel Sports have launched the first Padel court in India in Play Arena Bangalore. It has been 4 years since India have been experiencing Padel in our premium courts across more than 5 completed projects. We are so proud to say that we were able to introduce Padel to thousands of people across the country. We were able to let them experience the unique characteristics of this amazing sport, which is probably now, without any doubt one of the fastest growing sports across the world.

We could not stop after so much effort, and it was inevitable that the sport would just boom any time in India. We feel the time is closer and closer each day it goes, each opportunity we have, we feel the time is coming soon and soon!

We thank you all for this amazing support during this years. Everyone that loves the sport, everyone of you that worked for the sport, everyone of you that promoted the sport somehow, everyone that gave us hope everyday and believed that the sport will succeed one day in India. We are deeply thankful of your support and hope we really can make the sport boom in India across multiple cities, because in the end we are all here for the sport, and to see everyone playing it, and enjoying it. We really hope we can make it, and with your support we are certain of that!

We wish everyone a good year ahead. We are now back more often, and much stronger, keep tuned.

To finalize, we would like to promise you, that in less than a month or few weeks time, we will let you play in a new city. This is the city where we always had the most demand, this is the city of dreams and hopes, we are so proud to let you all experience the amazing sport that took many of us across the world to India, just to promote Padel!

To get Padel to the next level we are happy to announce that Rehan Sumar, CEO & MD of GoSportz is now part of this team.

With GoSportz team, it gave us a new approach to the market. GoSportz is a company based in Mumbai with works across more than 50 cities across various countries in the last 15 years. The passion of Rehan about sports and pioneering new sports brought us together. Rehan, 5 years ago, also had the dream to bring Padel to India, and that common goal United our efforts since we met. We were certain that we will make Padel a reality in most of the cities in India by building our quality InPadel courts across the country as well as opening our VPadel centres to grow the sport.

Thank you all.

Bhavish Bachu

CEO and Founder of InPadel Sports.

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