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CHILDREN ARE GETTING TOO SEDENTARY. THEY PREFER TV/GADGETS OVER PLAYING” – this is the lamentation of a whole generation of adults bemoaning the state of affairs of the next generation. Be it parents, teachers or anybody else who care for the future of the children, they find it a real challenge to get the children off their gadgets and television sets and out into the sports arenas.

The solution is simplewe, as adults, need to step outdoors, and play a lot more sport. We need to make sport our pastime, our unwinding routine, our bonding routine, our fitness routine. More than anything else – we, the adults, need to start playing competitive sport – just to rekindle our competitive and go-getting spirit, but to understand competitive sports enough to provide a more-than-spectator-advice to our children who do so. We need to display the competitive fiery spirit as well as the large-hearted sportsman for the children to imbibe them.

We dream of a nation, where adults take the lead in playing and competing in sports.

The problem with playing sport for most adults is – most sports are way too difficult, exhauting and enervating to suit our busy schedules.

That’s where Padel plays an important role – Padel is easy to learn, easy to play, fits into everyone’s schedule and budget, and provides a complete workout without causing fatigue. Padel is one sport, that can bring out the adults outdoors, and kindle their fierty, sporting spirit.

Padel is one sport where all adults – irrespective of age, gender and fitness levels – can learn easily and start competing.

Avinash Singh Gaur, a senior IT professional, says –

As I entered the corporate world, I bid goodbye to the outdoor world, completely ignoring physical activity. My body grew stiff over the years and resisted any physical stress. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t play an outdoor sport, as tennis, cricket and football got beyond my physical stiffness. I was always looking for a game that I could learn quickly, where the mind was equally involved, and I wouldn’t feel shy playing with others. When I discovered Padel, I just clung to it. Participating in competitive tournaments is a wonderful way to get back your fiery spirit. I feel young in body, mind and spirit. I have introduced the game to a lot of my friends and colleagues and they all felt the same.

If we want to transform our children from couch potatoes to sporty bundles of energies, we need to start over by transforming ourselves. Padel provides an easy way to achieve that.

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