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“Analysis of the main nutritional and healthy habits that must be taken into account in sports practice and especially in the sport of padel.”



According to the World Health Organization, Nutrition is the intake of food in relation to the dietary needs of the body. Good nutrition (a sufficient and balanced diet combined with regular physical exercise) is a fundamental element of good health.

There is a popular saying that says: WE ARE WHAT, WE EAT. The organism requires nutritional needs that will depend on our physical and physiological characteristics and our daily activity. Should a person who spends 10 hours a day sitting like a Pro Tour player eat the same? It seems obvious that no.

If we want to make a diet and pay attention to our nutrition, the first thing we must do is put ourselves in the hands of specialists and qualified personnel. Unfortunately, as in the world of physical activity, in the field of nutrition and dietetics there is a great intrusts and many people tell us what and how to eat without just doing previous studies about our metabolism and daily activity.

However, there are basic recommendations that everyone can follow, which will help us feel better in each padel training and match and therefore improve our performance. If you play the padel several times a week look at these tips:



There are several advantages of eating 5 times a day, every 2-3 hours. One is that it keeps our metabolism active, which keeps us energized throughout the day. We avoid the feeling of hunger or fainting, and we avoid binges in the main meals. Depending on our daily caloric expenditure, the amount of calories we must take at any given time varies. Another popular saying that is very effective is “breakfast like a king, eat like a prince and dinner like a beggar”.

When we get up, we should make a full breakfast, to have enough energy to start active the day. In the middle of the morning it is time to take a piece of fruit or a juice and get to lunch. At noon, we must eat everything, depending on the physical activity we have afterwards, we need energy to continue our activity. At the snack, we should pay attention to take a cookie, or a small sandwich, especially if we are going to play a game of padel, to end with a light dinner.



In principle, for any person it is ideal to follow a balanced diet, to eat everything. The balance diet is very suitable for its great variety and quality of food. This variety is important in order to give the organism all the nutrients and substances it needs for its optimal functioning.

We should not take too many fried or high-fat products. At the time of choosing fats, these should be few and of good quality whenever possible, therefore, we can use olive oil, nuts, seeds, olives or avocado, always in moderate amounts not to favour excesses that we know are not Advisable in the diet especially at night.

And do not use harmful substances like alcohol, tobacco or coffee.



After physical activity it is important to give the body those nutrients that have been depleted during exercise. It is very important to take foods rich in protein and hydrates right now, not in a large quantity. This will promote anabolism and muscle growth, also recover before fatigue and effort.

Always carry a snack, or a small sandwich for after training. And even if the game lengthens and has a great physical requirement, take a banana or a couple of snacks to a bar rich in hydrates so you can continue the game with intensity.



Experts in Medicine and Physiology recommend the intake of 3-4 liters of water under normal conditions.

If we do physical activity or the weather conditions require it, we can increase that amount.

Whenever we are going to play a match or a training session, we should be well hydrated, and drink water during and after training. If we have performed a strong activity it is advisable to drink isotonic drinks to recover the spent substances. Although you could also take a piece of fruit.


 WHAT YOU CANNOT MISS IN YOUR DIET:                        

When you prepare your daily bag go to training or to play a game, besides putting a spare grip, cap, glasses, and all your equipment do not forget:

  • Bottle of water or isotonic drink to take before, during and after training,
  • Fruit pieces. A banana during the game, and an apple for after the game.
  • Energy bar or vegetable sandwich, for after game, it will help you to recover the effort.

In short, we must pay attention to our food if we want to achieve results in our workouts and achieve optimal performance. Food and physical activity are fundamental elements for our health. Eat right, stay fit!

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