Benefits of Playing Padel for Children

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Virtually all sports are able to provide the child with multiple resources that will be beneficial for proper development in the early stages. However, the padel can be one of the most enriching sports for children at all levels: motor, social, cognitive.

Its characteristics make it a playful activity suitable to reinforce the basic capacities corresponding to the sensitive phases of the child depending on the evolutionary stage in which they are.

By way of summary, these are some of the many general benefits that padel can bring to children:

• Reinforcement of dynamic coordination, both general and specific.
• Improved eye-hand coordination.
• Correct body development when working the child’s basic physical abilities.
• Increased muscle strength.
• Intrinsic values: overcoming, companionship, sociability, self-control of emotions, etc.

Main benefits of Padel to our kids:


• The physical development;
• Improves coordination;
• Develops psycomotor skills;
• Improves reflexes;
• Strengthens muscles;
• Build endurance;
• Increases flexibility;
• Builds resilience;
• Increases mobility;
• Increases their self esteem, confidence and strategic thinking.

We at InPadel can train your kids since a very young age to start enjoying the sport, and improving your kid level. Our coach is trained by international professional coaches, which let us give top quality training to your kids, along with improving various values and capacities, fulfilled of fun and social environment.

Being Padel a new sport in India, it is the right opportunity to get hoocked to the sport now. InPadel has plans to grow this sport, all across the country, creating a strong and healthy competitive environment.

InPadel has developed various contacts mainly in Spain and Portugal, to organize various camps, and events between this countries.

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