What prevents us from following a healthy and fit lifestyle ?

Fitness Padel

There are multiple reasons for this. One of the reasons that prevents us is that solitary activities (e.g. gym / yoga) aren’t exciting enough in the long run, and social activities like sports requires a lot of sporting and athletic skills and could end up getting us fatigued and prove counter-productive to our need of energy.

This is where Padel comes into the picture. Learning Padel is extremely easy and can be easily picked up even by those who haven’t had any previous exposure to sports. It is a sport that can be played by all fitness levels.

Here is an anecdote of how a Kidney Cancer Survivor used Padel to regain health and fitness, at the age of 64.

No bigger evidence is required to show that Padel is something that each and everyone of us could use to fulfill the necessity of a fitness regime which is easy to adopt and fun to continue in the longer run.

“My name is Paul Jenkins, I am 64 & was born in Newport, South Wales. Until my early 30’s I had been a very active sportsman locally, playing Football, Squash & Table Tennis. I then developed kidney cancer which resulted in the offending organ being removed.

My sporting days came to a shuddering halt. I took early retirement 7 years ago and moved to Spain, where I came across Padel Tenis.

I found a new lease of life and despite weighing 125kg, I found I could actually play this incredible game to a reasonable standard. My weight reduced to 110kg playing Padel & it also allowed me to integrate into the Spanish Padel playing community which enhanced my level.

At our club ,Sport Center Montepiedra in Campoamor, Southern Costa Blanca, we have players from 5 to 75 years old playing this incredibly brilliant game. Even my wife Anne, who has always hated sport with a vengeance, plays this game, so it really is a game for everyone.

If someone offers you the chance to have a go at this fantastic doubles game grab it with both hands, you won’t regret it.”

Ref: www.padel4all.com