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The InPadel League is a circuit of open tournaments grouped by categories for both amateur and semi-professional players, male and female. The League is aimed at both; performance players wishing to compete at a top level and social addicts seeking some competition play. All competitions of the League are open to any nationality upon registering their details through the website. Players will be included in a systematic ranking system.

This blog post will be updated weekly, with the results and rankings of each Gameweek.

InPadel Sports Ranking System (ISRS) has been designed to provide a standardised reference for all aspects of amateur and professional play. Upon registering for the InPadel League, you will then be eligible for local and national rankings. Your rating will then be recorded to your InPadel account on our Website and Mobile App. This will allow participants to begin arranging games with other players according to their ranking and skill levels, at the desired court locations.

The league organisers will present a ‘Player of the Week‘ award to the best player of each Gameweek. The player will then receive an additional point in the ranking system.

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Gameweek 3


India Padel

Gameweek 2

Fixtures & Results 

India Padel

Player of the Week- Gameweek 2 

India Padel

Gameweek 1

Fixtures & Results 

India Padel

Player of the Week- Gameweek 1