Padel: The Most Social Sport

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Padel is a great social sport that lets you meet and interact with new people in a short span of time. No wonder it is a sport that has become a social phenomenon.

This is so because learning the game is very easy and most players tend to grasp it within the first 20 minutes of play. While you stretch your muscles, there’s also a lot of fun and thrill for you in the process.

This “social component” stands out among the many attractions that draw health-conscious and even athletic people to Padel. It provides a fun and relaxing mood to the player. We all know the feeling of wellness we experience when we are being able to play sports and commit ourselves to do it regularly.

Other people in the modern world say they could not live without a mobile phone, but many in Europe and Latin American today express that they could do without a mobile phone but not without Padel! All because Padel enables people to not only develop their physical dexterity, but also enhances and improves their social communication skills.

As a team sport, Padel makes people hone values like overcoming desolation, team building, comradeship, and achieving personal maturity. It improves self-control and concern for others. The compact size of the court makes player conversations an integral component of the game.

Padel is great for players of all ages and skills because it is both easy to pick up and is less physically demanding than similar sports like squash or tennis. Most players get the grasp of it within the first 20 minutes of playing and achieving a higher level of proficiency is so easy. The reason is that the game is not really about brute strength and technique. Unlike in Tennis, Padel players are allowed only one style of serve which is delivered underhand.

At present, there are an estimated 20 million people in 30 countries across 5 continents that play Padel. The figure is growing as more and more people discover how easy it is to master the game and how much fun it can be!