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Internationalisation of the World Padel Tour

The World Padel Tour (WPT) is the most important professional Padel tournament in the world, both for the organisational level of the tournaments and for the participation of the best players at an international level.

The tournaments of the World Padel Tour began in 2013, and it has positioned itself as the professional reference circuit replacing the previous, Padel Pro Tour. This was a result of an agreement between the group tournament organisers Professional Padel, the Players Association Padel Professionals (AJPP) and the Spanish Women’s Association of Pádel (AFEP).

The WPT circuit is managed by SETPOINT EVENTS SA, a subsidiary of SA DAMM, which establishes its regulations and guarantees the quality parameters demanded by it, as well as the prizes for professional padel players participating in the tournaments of the circuit.

Each year there are between 15-20 WPT tournaments plus a Final Master in which the best pairs of the ranking compete. Participating players travel across different cities around the world to score points and enter the Final Masters, where only the 8 best couples of the rankings compete, after completing the season.


Some of the most significant Padel players are Fernando Belasteguín , Juani Mieres , Paquito Navarro , Sanyo Gutiérrez, Pablo Lima in Men and Carolina Navarro ,Cecilia Reiter , Mapi Sánchez Alayeto , Majo Sánchez Alayeto , Marta Marrero or Alejandra Salazar in Women.

Padel continues to grow around the planet.

India Padel

The World Padel Tour is as international as it’s ever been. In total, 700 players from 4 continents and 21 countries have been present throughout the 16 tournaments on this season’s calendar.

The progressive growth of padel, boosted by the international expansion carried out by the World Padel Tour, has seen more countries around the globe represented at every tournament.

Padel continues to consolidate itself at traditional countries such as Spain or Argentina, new members are joining the great padel family. The professional tour is a huge attraction in different countries and new facilities are being built, with the number of players increasing. The recipe is starting to bear its fruits and more and more countries are starting to form a part of the World Padel Tour.

Spain and Argentina are still the two giants of the game, both in terms of players and the rankings. Spain, with 290 male players and 167 female players in the rankings, has the largest amount of professional players. In Europe, Portugal is the second nation with the largest presence with 30 players in both categories. After Portugal comes France with 27 players along with an addition of five nations in Europe with at least one representative on tour.

Argentina, with 19 female players and 118 male players, has the largest presence out of any South American nation. Brazil, where Padel is gradually growing, follows with 10 professional players, which includes the world number 1- Pablo Lima and one of the world’s best- Marcello Jardim. Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Venezuela are also showing signs of growth.

Mexico, one of the birth places of padel, also has one representative in each category.

Africa has two professional players, with South Africa and Cameroon being the pioneering nations in the continent.

Padel has also reached the Middle East after touching down in the United Arab Emirates, which is present in the Men’s tour.

The internationalisation process, guided by the World Padel Tour, continues to advance and we will surely witness more nations joining next season.