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At InPadel, we like to take care of the details. Hence, we work on three principals: Quality, Trust and Development. Our Padel courts are designed under the International Padel Federations´ technical specifications, to respond to the growing demand for such facilities.

InPadel Sports is the first company in India to provide construction, supply and installation of Padel courts across the country. It’s aim is to promote and develop the sport of Padel in India and to create a diverse community of players to be able to organise leagues and tournaments based on a generic ranking system.

The courts are designed from the point of view of the player, spectator, manager and club owner. With our manufacturers, you can customise the court you order, as you like.

InPadel works only with experienced industry professionals to manufacture and install Padel courts.

COURT SIZES– The Padel court is rectangular in shape, with a dimension of 10m wide by 20m long. It is divided in the middle by a net.


Padel India


  • This is a pillar-based model. It is a low cost court, designed for those organisations (sports centres, Padel clubs, town halls) that are looking for a greater return on their investment.
  • The pillar design of the court provides great stability, as each pillar adds reinforcement to give optimum wind and impact resistance, according to the CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Friction)
  • A special feature of this court is the welded mesh frames in PDS tubing, to cover all protrusions and prevent problems during play.
  • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor play. Built and installed as a turnkey project.



Padel India

  • This court is designed for clubs and spectators.
  • It is a simple structure providing excellent views for spectators.
  • A court with wide glass panes at its ends, with no pillars or tubing to block views of the action. Widely used as a centre court in clubs holding events or competitions.
  • The ends consist of wide glass panes held by a reinforcing structure, with the sides identical to the Pillar court framework.

You can also customise the court colours according to your preference!

InPadel is committed to innovation in the sector and we take grate pride in the quality of our facilities which are designed, manufactured and installed by our highly experienced team who also adhere to strict deadlines. We will make your sporting facility come alive! 

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