Official Launch of Padel in India

News Press

It was a historic day for Indian sports and a proud moment for the InPadel Team as CEO- Mr Bhavish Bachu, took to the stage at a press conference held at the Press Club of Bangalore, to announce the official launch of Padel in India.

The event showcased the uniqueness of the sport and its similarities to existing racket sports like Tennis and Squash. Mr Bhavish spoke about the scope and potential of Padel in India and also enlightened the journalists about the history, rules and guidelines regarding the sport. 

Some of the media representatives included journalists from national newspapers like The Hindu, The Times of India, Deccan Chronicle; and regional newspapers like City Today, Kannada Prabha, Silicon City News, Vijaya Karnataka, to name a few.

The company initially plans to launch Padel courts across major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi & Hyderabad.

Overall, it was a successful and engaging press conference as the journalists were keen to know about the history and development of the sport along with the future plans of the company regarding the promotion and development of Padel in India. #padel #indiapadel #playpadel