Benefits of Padel

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All You’ve Got is All It Takes!

How and why did Padel become a sports phenomenon?

1) It is extremely enjoyable to play and entertaining to watch.
2) Better utilisation of space than tennis
3) The sport has proven to be revolutionary, successful, profitable, and affordable
4) Padel appeals to a wide population.
5) The smaller court makes it a more social game. Is very popular within all spectrums. From a recreational user all the way to a professional.
6) Rallies are around 60-70% longer than tennis because of the walls.
7) The serve is not an offensive weapon because it is delivered underhand.
The short racquet is much easier to control than the longer stringed tennis racquets.
8) It has gained rapid acceptance due to its simplicity and similarities to other popular racquet sports.

A Game For Everyone!

Our quality of life is highly linked with the possibility of playing sports. These age differences are of course taken into account in many sports. Now introduced in India, a new sport, which largely eliminates the age structure. It means that young and old people can play together and can learn in no time.

Kids can start playing Padel very young, from as early as 5 years old. They love playing Padel because the game is relatively easy for them and they can start practicing rallies much faster, as compared to tennis. The sport creates team building being a doubles sport enhancing all motor skills such as footwork and hand eye coordination.

It remains a great workout without being too physically demanding; unlike its counterpart’s, tennis and squash.  As a matter of fact, the number of women playing Padel at an amateur level has doubled over the last 2 years. Today, approximately 30% of Padel players are women as compared to 15% in Tennis.

How many sports give the chance for seniors to play with their grandkids? Not many, but Padel is definitely one of them!
It is truly a cross-generational game, which allows seniors to play with the whole family while enjoying a good workout. For them, it represents the perfect intermediate between tennis and golf

P.S- But be very careful, because it will be the most addictive sport you would have ever played!